Cloth Size Table

Cloths size6' Round Table5'6" Round Table5' Round Table4' Round Table3' Round Table2'6" Square Table6' x 2'6" Tressle Table4'x2'6' Tressle Table
130" RoundTo the floor
118" Round23" Drop26" DropTo the floor
106" Round
18" Drop20" Drop24" DropTo the floor
85" Round7" Drop9" Drop13" Drop19" Drop24" Drop
90" Square9" DropSlip Cloth 12" DropSlip Cloth 15" Drop21" Drop
70" SquareSlip ClothSlip Cloth 2" Drop Slip Cloth 5" DropSlip Cloth 11" DropSlip Cloth To the floor20" Drop18" Drop Front & Back
54" SquareSlip ClothSlip ClothSlip Cloth5" Drop8" Drop12" Drop
70" x 108"18" Drop All Sides
70" x 144"Used on Long Runs Of Tables